Technology as we know it is expanding daily, so more important than ever for hospitality companies to keep up-to-date. One of the best way hotels, restaurants and venues can do that is through virtual tours. Virtual tours are the perfect way to show off all your hotel or venue has to offer to potential customers and event planners at any time of day.

What are the benefits of offering your customers a virtual tour?

While many hospitality venues spend a lot of money on advertising, virtual tours are one of the most effective ways to increase your bookings. Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of virtual tours for your hotel:

1. You’ll Increase Your Bookings

We’ve all heard stories and seen reviews of hotels and venues where the customer did not find the venue as advertised. With a virtual tour, you can provide all potential customers with a fully immsersive experience and show them exactly what they can expect to find when they come to your site.

A well-designed virtual tour and a straightforward booking process will make customers more likely to book directly with you. For added click-through success, you can also add direct calls-to-action at various points throughout the virtual tour. That way, customers are led straight to the booking page as soon as they decide they like the look of your hotel.

A well-built website with interactive features also keeps visitors on your website for longer. Your customers aren’t mindlessly scrolling; they’re interacting with the website, feeling that they’re in total control of their decision making.


2. Show Your Customers that You’re Modern and Innovative

A virtual tour demonstrates your modern approach to advertising and shows that you’re up-to-date. When it comes to hospitality, few things are as off-putting as dates photos and badly designed functionality. An outdated website and photos suggests to clients, whether rightly or not, that you are not succeeding. A virtual tour shows customers that you’re aware of technological advancements and you’re using these tools to provide an exceptional experience.

3. Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors

The interactive nature of virtual tours will set you apart from your competitors. While virtual tours are emerging as a marketing tool, you’ll still be in the minority of venues if you offer one. Even a well-made, contemporary website is unlikely to match the experience of a 360-degree view of a hotel or venue’s rooms and facilities.

4. It Will Increase Your On-Site Time and Reduce Your Bounce Rate

A virtual tour will also help with your SEO. It’ll reduce your website’s “bounce rate.” A bounce rate is a rate at which customers leave a website after viewing one page. As a hotel owner or manager, virtual tours can help you keep potential guests engaged for longer and so they’ll be much more likely to see why they should book with you.

Virtual tours typically take around a minute, which is much longer than the time someone might spend on a site without interactive features. With a virtual tour, your bounce rate will go down, your on-site time will increase, resulting in better search engine rankings, more online exposure and more traffic.

5. Show Customers How It Feels to Be In Your Hotel or Venue

Customers will get a more detailed view of rooms, with a more accurate representation of sizes and dimensions. Standard, flat images can be deceptive, making a room look significantly bigger or smaller than it is. With virtual tours, your customers will receive an accurate representation of your rooms and feel what it’s really like to stand inside them.

6. Allow Clients to Take Their Time and Plan

You can provide prospective customers with a realistic experience. This level of technology allows customers to take in every detail of your hotel at their own pace. It’s a user-friendly way to invite potential guests into your hotel without anyone feeling pressured to make decisions in person. For event planners, this is an incredible way to accurately plan what they need to arrange and where displays and decorations can go without having to return to the venue repeatedly.


7. Leave a Lasting Impression

A memorable website with an interactive tour will create a long-lasting first impression. Often, potential customers and clients will research potential hotels and venues half a dozen times before they decide which ones to contact. Your interactive tour will ensure you stick in your customer’s mind.

8. Increase Customer Satisfaction Rate

You’ll see a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Occasionally, hotel managers encounter disappointed guests whose rooms may not have been what they expected. When you offer customers the opportunity to view their room before booking it, they’ll either stop the viewing experience there or book, knowing exactly what to expect.

9. It Saves You Time

Virtual tours free up your time to allow you and your team to focus on other areas of your business. As we’ve seen, a company website with a virtual tour option is far more likely to see high traffic and bookings than one without. With the bookings element sorted, you can concentrate on other logistical factors of your business that may have fallen by the wayside had you been focused on securing regular bookings. You can also save your team’s time by not needing to do as many guided tours prior to or post booking.


10. Customers Can Even Tour with a VR Headset

VR is an extremely progressive tech sector and is an effective way of attracting more guests and securing direct bookings. While VR was once thought to be the next revolutionary thing in the gaming industry, the practical applications in other industries have been more revolutionary. In retail and hospitality, customers can tour your venue from anywhere in the world.

This is not only an ideal way to attract more bookings, regardless of what’s going on in the world, but also a great way to get feedback from customers and experts about potential improvements you can make to your hotel or venue. You can use Google technology to offer customers ‘virtual tours’. Here, potential guests are offered a 360-degree walkthrough of the hotel’s best rooms and hospitality facilities.


3D Virtual Tours

If you’re a hotel or venue owner or manager and want to improve booking rates, virtual tours are one of the best ways to do so. By offering your customers a virtual tour, you invite them to step inside your business from any device. You can provide your guests with a unique experience as they explore every part of your venue virtually.

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