I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Qbic Manchester Hotel – a modern and affordable hotel that breaks away from the norm and creates a unique experience for their guests. When you travel to a new city, whether for work or pleasure, walking through the doors of a hotel can neutralise the feel of the city outside, but that is not how it is at Qbic. Today, I want to take you behind the scenes of the shoot. 

The Location: Qbic Hotel Manchester 

The Qbic Hotel Manchester has plenty of personality, meeting quality with bold, youthful colours and stylish, modern furnishings that marry mid-century, bohemian, and industrial styles. The rooms are bright and spacious, many with views across the city. The public areas match bold wallpapers with prints and mid-century furniture, and are a myriad of colours and patterns. 

The Photographer: Me! (Viktor Kery) 

With over 10 years’ experience in hospitality photography, I am focused on creating outstanding branded photos that show the story of a hotel, venue, or restaurant. I create images that transport the viewer so they feel the ambiance and quality service before they ever set food through the door. 

The Shoot 

I started by making the long (!) journey from the South East up to Manchester to get settled for the 2-day on-location shoot. After I arrived I met with key staff and we went over the pre-arranged agenda I created to maximise my time there to make the best use of the space and minimise disruption to staff and guests. 

Over the two days, I went on to photograph all bedroom types, public areas and meeting rooms. Fortunately, the stylish interior gave me a lot to work with, so I focused on showcasing the hotel bedrooms and stylish spaces at their best, using interesting angles and emphasising the vibrant colours used throughout the hotel. 

The larger rooms in the hotel have big floor-to-ceiling windows that offer guests a fabulous view out over the city and flood the room with natural light, and the smaller rooms have a cosy feel without being dark or impractical. Unlike some other city hotels, the rooms are full of visual interest while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look, with detailed wallpapers, brightly coloured bathrooms, and mid-century style furnishings.  

When it came time to shoot the meeting rooms, I put down my equipment to help the staff set up the rooms so I didn’t use up too much of their valuable time. The meeting rooms are just as stylish and modern as the rest of the hotel – it’s certainly the ideal meeting location for forward-thinking, youthful brands, especially now that so many have started working remotely and will look to meeting rooms to wow clients. 

One of the most difficult factors for a shoot for any photographer is dealing with the weather, and it was definitely the biggest challenge for this shoot! Of course, in an ideal world we’d only shoot on bright, sunny days, but that’s just not practical (especially here in the UK!). While I was photographing the restaurant there was heavy rain going on outside, but I managed to time a few shots perfectly, using my own lighting equipment to get the “daylight” coming in from outside, and the moody lighting actually works incredibly well for the feel of the Qbic Hotel Manchester’s bar and restaurant.

Qbic Hotel Manchester

Faking sunlight by using my own lighting equipment from the same angle as the sun would shine in.

On day 2 of the shoot I got up early while the city was still sleeping and took a beautiful exterior drone shot of the hotel in the early morning light – thankfully, the rain wasn’t a factor for this shot! 

Qbic Hotel Manchester

The results are images that showcase the Qbic’s brand and style, drawing the viewer in so they envision what it will be like to walk through the hotel’s spaces and experience their laidback but high-quality service. I’d like to thank the staff at Qbic Hotel Manchester for being so accommodating and helpful throughout the process – they really made getting the right results easier and it was a pleasure working with them! 

Total number of images taken: 3728
Total number of image were delivered: 121
Total cups of coffees drank: 13 (over 3 days including travel)

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