Choosing the right hotel photographer can be a long and tricky process; you want someone who shares your vision for your hotel, while having the necessary experience to know what makes for good hotel photography. That means your building, rooms, and food all need to be captured in their full glory. Food is the most commonly photographed thing in the world, and anyone can take an average photo, but not everyone can use a photo to evoke emotion and tell a story. Photography is a truly unique art that requires skill and practice, and your hotel photographer should have both in abundance!

What should I look for in a hotel photographer?

So, what should you be looking out for when you start your search for the right hotel photographer? 

Industry Experience 

Everyone starts somewhere, but good hotel photography requires an understanding of how a hotel works and what are the most important elements to emphasise depending on your specialty. When the photographer you work with has industry experience and can fully understand what to capture to make your marketing materials pop, you’ll get the right images you need. They also won’t be phased by the daily goings-on and unexpected situations they’ll face during the shoot. 

Flexibility and a Full Project Quote 

Your hotel photographer should be able to quote you a base price based on the project they plan to do for you. It should be a red flag if your photographer suggests charging you per hour, as it leaves no time at all for unforeseen events and additional requests. This is especially important if you’ve got a strict budget, as you don’t want your photographer to have to rush to meet the hours you paid for, which will likely lead to low-quality results. 

They Care and Take Their Time

It’s important that the photographer you choose genuinely cares about the reputation of your hotel and wants the project to succeed and bring in business. Someone who simply wants to make quick money is likely to rush the session(s) and will not produce high-quality photographs. Often, simply choosing someone with a list of happy clients behind them will ensure this. 

Priced Add-ons and Extras 

When you’re speaking with potential hotel photographers, ask them about any additional fees and extras that may come up or that you can ask for. If you’re buying a big-ticket package, everything might be included, but if not, make sure you’re clear on what’s available and what additional requests may cost, such as additional edits, headshots, or video. This is not a bad thing – it’s a good one! If they have clear pricing for additional extras, it means they’re prepared to go the extra mile, and they know exactly what it takes to get the results their clients need. 

A Mind for Marketing 

The ideal photographer understands the commercial goal, can think from the perspective of a hotel guest and can understand what is important to people when looking for a hotel. It is not surprising that most people today use photographs as a way of determining the restaurants in which they will eat and the hotels in which they will stay, whether that’s on holiday abroad or just for a local evening out.

Good Prices

And good is not synonymous with cheap! Just like everything else in life, photography is definitely an area where you get what you pay for, and years of experience and modern technology will come with a price tag. If you want to see good returns from your marketing efforts and hotel photography, you can’t go into it half-heartedly. If you are looking for a hotel photographer who will tick all of these boxes, reach out to me, Viktor Kery. I am a highly experienced photographer who specialises in food photography, hotel photography and events photography. My goal is to evoke the wonderful feeling of receiving a truly wonderful experience from a hotel that is passionate about making your stay magical. I create exciting hotel photography that tells a story and highlights your hotel’s best features.